A classic chocolate cake, squishy sponge swirled with a light chocolate buttercream, filled with raspberry jam. It's just like the birthday cake you dreamt of as a child!


Comes with fruit topping. Add flowers in flower section of the shop.


Size Guide:


Left naked so you can see those layers

6 inch 2 layer: serves 6-8

8 inch 2 layer: serves 8-12


Tall and covered up with buttercream for a bit of an occasion

6 inch 3 layer: serves 10-14

8 inch 3 layer: serves 16-20


Chocolate Fudge

  • Allergens: WHEAT, DAIRY, EGG, SOYA

    We use wheat flour and nuts in our kitchen so please be aware of this when placing an order. There may be traces in all products.


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