Coconut Margarita

Coconut Margarita

Zesty lime and sweet coconut sponge, topped with a fresh lime and cream cheese frosting. Reminds me of tropical holidays (but without the tequila so the kids can share!)


Comes with fruit topping. Add flowers in the flower section of the shop.


Size Guide:


Left naked so you can see those layers

6 inch 2 layer: serves 6-8

8 inch 2 layer: serves 8-12


Tall and covered up with buttercream for a bit of an occasion

6 inch 3 layer: serves 10-14

8 inch 3 layer: serves 16-20


  • What's In My Cake?

    Allergens: WHEAT, DAIRY, EGG,

    We use wheat flour and nuts in our kitchen so please be aware of this when placing an order. There may be traces in all products.

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